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If you would like to know how we can help your business get more customers, please call us on 01908 526670 or you can use the Contact Us page to send a message.

TRY ME FREE lets you set up a free trial of our mapping services, for up to 30 days, to allow you to develop how you want to use the Streetmap services and how best to integrate them into your marketing activities.

It also gives your technical experts time to integrate your information into this interactive service before your service goes live.

To set up a TRY ME FREE account on our Find Your Nearest service there are 2 steps...

1. Contact us on 01908 526670, or alternatively email us at business-techsupport at streetmap dot co dot uk to request a trial. In order to set up the initial account, we will require the following information:

  • Requested Account name (no spaces)
  • Website account is to be used on
  • Technical Contact name
  • Technical Contact e-mail address
  • Billing Contact Name
  • Billing Contact e-mail address
  • Billing Address (where you want invoices sent to)
  • Account type: Find Your Nearest

The initial account set-up is free, and we will contact you if we require further information to complete your order. Once the account is created, you will be sent the information you need, and you will be able to login to our My Account section and access the downloads and support from there also. Accounts are normally set up within 1 working day.

2. The second stage is to send us a copy of your venue list. When the account is created, you will also be sent full details of our database fields. Typically, we like the data you supply to be in Excel or .CSV formats. Venues are located using their postcode- it is very important that they are present, and if possible, in a separate field/column to any other data.

Request a Trial


If you wish to try our service for free, please email the information requested above to business-techsupport at streetmap dot co dot uk. Also, if you wish us to populate your data with your venue/location list, please email the list to business-techsupport at streetmap dot co dot uk. If you wish to chat to one of our technical people about any aspect of our service then please call us on 01908 526670 option 2.