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Online Mapping
Key Features

What is it?

Our Online Mapping service allows you to incorporate location maps within your site. This service is free of advertisements. Online mapping is an important element in the customer service equation.

It makes your website look more user-friendly and your services appear more efficient. It also helps to maintain customer interest in your site and comfortably take the user to the next level of involvement.

Whenever you can avoid site users going elsewhere to find location information, the better chance you have of progressing the interaction further. You simply set up a link for the required location and we will send an image of that location to the user.


How does it work?


You provide a simple link to us, incorporating the required location, and we stream an image back to the user showing that location.

This service is ideal for web services that contain lots of different addresses, e.g. a directory.

If you are only showing a small number of different locations, it may well be more cost effective to purchase the tile of the map data (See Offline Mapping).


How is it presented?


The map image is delivered directly to the user no need to store lots of data or complex programs on your own system. There are two ways to implement this service either using Direct Delivery or Templated Delivery.

What does this cost?

Our standard tariff is priced at £500 per 50,000 maps or searches. There is no set up fee. Discounts are available for large volume users, contact us for more details.

What do I do next?

First you can click on the TRY ME FREE icon on this page. This will take you an area where you can set up a free trial of our mapping services, for up to 30 days, to allow you to develop how you want to use the Streetmap services and the best way to integrate them into your marketing activities.

Second, you can run the interactive demo's by clicking on the SHOW ME icon on this page. You will see just how effective, versatile and beneficial the services can be to your organisation.

Third, you can simply call us - or email us to call you - to talk through how the service can be a real asset to your business. Just click on the CONTACT ME icon on this page, fill in your details and we'll do the rest.

We are more than happy to arrange for a development account for those who need to trial or just need extra time to develop a service, please contact us for more details. Please note that the minimum spend is £500 per year.
More details about this service:

Direct Delivery Method: This service is suitable for those who would like to display the map imagery only, without navigation features (although it is possible to provide a simple zoom in/out feature).

Using the direct delivery method, the maps are delivered directly as an image (ideal as the src field for an <image> tag) . The image is in GIF format, requires no plug-ins and this technique can be inserted into your web pages very quickly. The disadvantage is that navigation facilities are limited or must be implemented by yourselves.

This technique can also display user defined icons on the map image by coordinates, lat/long and postcode. The size and scale of the map image can also be defined.

Templated Delivery Method: We provide you with a basic template for the presentation of the map and navigation controls. Your web designer can then edit that template, choosing which features are included / excluded and the style of presentation. The template is returned to us and used by ourselves to display your maps on request. This templating enables full control over the visual presentation of the data and can either be used as a stand alone page or as part of a frame set in your own pages.

This technique can also display user defined icons on the map image by coordinates, lat/long and postcode and includes the ability to hot spot those icons The size and scale of the map image can also be defined.


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