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Find Your Nearest
Key Features

What is it?

Our Find Your Nearest locator service is a very simple mechanism allowing visitors to your website to enter a postcode, street or place name so they can quickly locate their nearest store, venue, property etc.

This important service will do much to promote better relations between prospective buyers and your company. A map and directions of how to get to where you are will greatly help the purchasing process.

This facility is totally branded to your organisation. You can customise the site to include a clickable icon of your logo, or other symbol; you can decide what extra details you want to include with your map such as, car parking, baby changing facilities, opening hours, wheel chair access and types of merchandise stocked; in fact, anything that will be helpful to your customers.

If your products are stocked by other retailers, such as a department stores or dedicated outlets, you can show the locations of the nearest stockists. What's more, these can be ranked to show the premier, most active retailers or those outlets that are holding seasonal sales or carrying certain stocks. And, most importantly, you can alter any of the site details in real time.

How does it work?


We have a list of your locations stored in our system. On your site you place a search box that gives the user the ability to enter their location and then to display a list of the nearest locations, along with a map showing those locations. The list of locations is maintained by yourselves, so that you can add / remove/ amend the listings at any time in real time.


How is it presented?


The results are presented using a template, which we provide, showing search results and location map. Your web designer can then edit the template, choosing which features are included / excluded and the style of presentation, giving total control of the look and feel of the results displayed.

What does this cost?

Our standard tariff is priced at £500 per 50,000 maps or searches. There is no set up fee. Discounts are available for large volume users, contact us for more details.

What do I do next?

First you can click on the TRY ME FREE icon on this page. This will take you an area where you can set up a free trial of our mapping services, for up to 30 days, to allow you to develop how you want to use the Streetmap services and the best way to integrate them into your marketing activities.

Second, you can run the interactive demo's by clicking on the SHOW ME icon on this page. You will see just how effective, versatile and beneficial the services can be to your organisation.

Third, you can simply call us - or email us to call you - to talk through how the service can be a real asset to your business. Just click on the CONTACT ME icon on this page, fill in your details and we'll do the rest.

We are more than happy to arrange for a development account for those who need to trial or just need extra time to develop a service, please contact us for more details. Please note that the minimum spend is £500 per year.
More details about this service:

The search can specify all entries within a given distance or the closest n items so that results are always returned.

User defined icons, which can be hot-spottable to make them clickable, can also be defined for each location. These are displayed on the map when search results are displayed.

The ability to weight individual entries for ranking order, e.g. where you have premium locations in the area and would like to promote those locations above others when the search results are displayed.

The ability to randomise the order of entries in the list.

Up to nine used defined categories can be specified for each location and these categories can be used as part of the search parameters. For example if you had a list of restaurants, one category could be cuisine type another could be price band. The search could then include not just proximity but the ability to select the cuisine types as well (or all cuisine types) and the ability to select the price band (or all price bands). Each category has a very large range of possible values.

Up to four user defined attribute fields can also be specified and used by the search system. These can, for example, be used to define attributes of the location that may be used for searching, e.g. has a car park, disabled access, take away service, etc.

Further to this there are 4 user defined fields for each location, giving you the ability to store up to 255 characters of data related to that location for your own use in the result display.

A reverse distance can also be specified for each entry – very useful for ‘are you within our delivery/working range'
Output results can be delivered in HTML for web use or XML for machine use.
Data can be maintained using a web form or a SOAP/XML interface for automated/bulk transactions.

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